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What AHNI is about.

Australian Hunting Net Incorporated (ANHI) was formed by staff and members of AHN (Australian Hunting Net) in 2008 as a means of social gatherings and hunting opportunities for newcomers and old hands alike. We are the first Australian Police approved online club and this makes it much easier for members to interact, exchange information and even attend meetings as everything is done online from applications to meetings.

We are affiliated by the Federation of Hunting Clubs NSW and also the NSW Game Council and have strong connections with The Shooters and Fishers Party. While the club is based in NSW, we are a National Club and have members from every State in the Country. As we are still a  relatively young club, we are still negotiating for further land access around the Country, but have some exciting prospects.

The club is supported by the greater membership of the popular hunting forum, Australian Hunting Net with more than 4500 members. The forum is by far the largest & busiest Internet gathering of hunters, firearm owners and outdoor-lovers in Australia and the membership is involved in some exciting projects through the year.

At the club-house, members have been very active in political activism as well as lobbying media, NGOís and government departments and politicians, by providing support to The Shooters Party and running their own letter writing campaigns. This is a very important part of AHNiís mission, in that we can provide very timely action with the immediacy of the Internet. We saw a great example of this during the year with the Internet polls, refuting claims by the anti-mob against the NSW Game Bill amendments and also the melt-down of the anti-duck season poll run in the Herald Sun earlier in the year.

In the hunting arena our Hunting Resources Committee have been very active pursuing opportunities for quality property access around Australia. We have a couple of great properties in the NT coming online sometime in 2009 and we have been very busy working on a camel deal in WA. There is already access to a property in Victoria in prime Sambar and fishing country. Some other very exciting projects and many more leads to follow-up!. Quite a lot of members have also been very busy swapping hunts with other remote members, hunts they would not normally get the chance to do. What a great opportunity to get on-board a budget hog, buffalo, camel or deer hunt!

Benefits of membership:

  • AHNI is currently recognised by Vic and NSW Firearms Registries as an Authorised Hunting Organisation, making it simpler for members to show 'genuine reason' for recreational hunting on their licence application. We are presently establishing this recognition with other states.

  • AHNI will be providing licensing assistance to members - eg. NSW Game Council R licence testing, Safety Awareness Tests, etc.

  • AHNI functions, club shoots, outings, competitions, etc.

  • AHNI will be providing members with access to some hunting properties, including quality hunting properties in the Northern Territory. We currently have access to private property Sambar hunting in Victoria too.

  • AHNI carries full public liability insurance for all of it's members whilst engaged in legal hunting. Please direct any membership enquiries to your state rep, via the links below.
  • AHNi now has firearms insurance for all its members, the cost of membership has only gone up $5 per member to $60 and that give you $12,000 cover. If you want a bit more cover, $25,000 it will cost you an extra $10 on top of the $60 fee, or $33.98 extra to increase to $50,000

  • Becoming an AHNI Member:

    You will need to download an application form and have two financial members sponsor you, or get two personal references. Please click here for all the forms and payment details. You must supply two references, this is not only a club ruling, but NSW law. Please also make sure you fill out all the sections on the forms as these are Police approved forms. We cannot guess your Post Code or Firearms License Expiry dates for example.

    Forms can be scanned and emailed (preferred method) or mailed to the address below. Any questions regarding the forms, please send a detailed email outlining the areas you are having difficulties with.

    Contact Information for AHNI:
    If you need any information or need to send anything to the club please send to the following address,

    By Email

    Via snail mail;
    Australian Hunting Net Incorporated
    PO Box 201
    Winston Hills
    NSW, 2153

    Also you can email your representative ;

  • The Animal - President
  • Tofu - Vice President
  • MadMick - Assist Secretary and PO
  • Loz13b - Secretary & Treasurer
  • Tsu La - Member Rep
  • Paladin - Member Rep

    AHNi Approval Numbers and/or forms:

  • ABN # - 98 305 702932
  • NSW Police Approval
  • Victorian Police Approval

    NSW Game Council Numbers;

  • AHO # - 1782
  • Assessor # - 1782
  • Club Agent # - 1782

  • Insurance brokers;
    Marsh Pty Ltd
    Level 5, 108 North Terrace
    SA, 5000

    Ph: 08 8385 3588
    Fax: 08 8211 8785

    All other AHNI documents and forms can be found here.

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